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REDON Progeny group ALL Holland Dairy Show June 2012

For the first time, a progeny group from a renowned Montbeliarde sire (REDON) was shown outside France at a National Show. This was at the All-Holland Dairy Show in Zwolle last friday 29th of June.

This group of REDON out of Holstein dams was very professionally presented by Koole&Liebregts Team, showing the growing interest in Holland for Montbeliarde crossbreeding on Holstein cows.

REDON with 21.688 dtrs is by far #1 second crop sire in France with 158 ISU.

Redon consistent daughters have the ideal balance of production, health traits and type rolled into one package.

In Holland, with 548 daughters, REDON has a NVI of 120 (april 2012 proof).

In the USA, with 305 daughters, REDON has a Lifetime Net Merit Dollar of 486 $NM (april 2012 proof).

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