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Dear IRDBF Members,

How exciting to be able to officially use the new name for our organisation to announce the next gathering of red breeders from around the globe. At the last gathering in Germany in 2013,  one of the significant changes was to the identity of our organisation. The change from International Red Cow Club to International Red Dairy Breed Federation best reflects the maturity and future direction of the organisation.


I am excited to announce that the next Conference is scheduled to be held in Decorah, Iowa, USA over the period July 11 to 18, 2015.

The Red and White Dairy Cattle Association (RWDCA) will be hosting the IRDBF event in conjunction with their most prestigious annual 2015  Red and White National Convention. The format will be different to what we have experienced in recent years but no less exciting, challenging and stimulating. The program will give everyone an opportunity to participate in the events and hospitality that will be on show at this time.

IRDBF – Strengthen and Grow

At our last conference in Germany 2013, we made some pretty exciting changes to the way the organisation will work in the future.   This meeting will be pivotal to formalising these changes , so your participation is vital to ensure all the work done in 2013 will continue to strengthen and grow the organisation. The General Meeting of the IRDBF will fall on Wednesday July 15. All the main criteria from our last meeting is also accessible from the Australian website which is operated by our company (Moroney & Snowdon() Auzred Xb.

At this point in time we do not have a site dedicated solely to the IRDBF


Click here to download the Program of events for the days listed.

This program encompasses both the IRDBF meeting time line and the events of the 2015 Red and White Convention. It gives all of us a great opportunity to see the showcasing of some of the top red and white Holsteins at this event and on other days there will be visits to both Dairy Shorthorn and Ayrshire farms. The organiser, Anna Troester has worked hard to pull as many events together as possible for our interest and enjoyment.  The Final Program for the IRDBF Conference will be available by May 2015 (if not before)and as it comes to hand  it will be sent to each of you and posted onto our website. This program will include a full schedule of speakers and guests on certain topics for the day. Genomics for the red breeds and the Polled Factor will be a feature of the program.  

The Attached Program includes:

  • Early arrival Program and cultural tour July 11 - 12
  • The Preliminary Listing of the Conference Program July 13 and 15
  • The Registration Process contact as per listed
  • The Red and white National Convention Program July 14-16
  • Cost of Tour and Conference. Contact direct.


Please access the contact numbers as listed on the  attached program  and indicate your intentions as early as possible You may wish to participate in only certain days of the  conference or all  options. Whatever you chose to do, you need to make contact with the RWDCA  to find out the costs, and register your interest .

And Finally ..................

As already mentioned, while the conference program is still being firmed into  place, a final program will be posted onto the website (click on the IRCC icon found at the bottom of the home page) very soon detailing key speakers and subjects.

As always, the program promises to be stimulating, both mentally and socially and the program very relevant to where we are today with dairy cattle breeding.

It is relevant to also mention that AUSTRALIA and ours hosts the Australian Red Dairy Breed Society, will be the next conference venue in 2019. Organisation for this event is already well underway.

“USA 2015 – Seeing Red In the Hills of Iowa.”

So, lets all work together to make this conference an important part of 2015.    I ask each organisation to promote the event in your dairy journals and among your membership and websites.


  • For ease of planning,  our hosts need to have your  registration by no later than 23rd June, 2015 .
  • There are still changes to occur to the Conference Program so keep checking the website.


Your attention to the above points is much appreciated .

Put the dates in your calendar now, promote to your membership, encourage them to a be a part of what promises to be another fantastic opportunity for red breeders around the globe. Don’t miss it! Please feel free to make contact with any of the organisations for further information.


Karen Moroney,

Executive Officer,

International Red Dairy Breed Federation

March, 2015.