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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What happened to AusRed Genetics?

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Q. What do I most need to know when using the Montbeliarde breed for crossbreeding?

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Q. Calving Ease, what do I need to know about the French ratings?

Within breed, the Montbeliarde ratings are 88-89 average calving ease, 90+ easy calvings and 87 or less are difficult calvings. The French scoring system is much different to our APR for calving ease, please be aware of this.


Q. Why does Auzred Xb have a rule that says “never, never, never select a bull with a calving ease rating below 88.”

It is important to know that the heterosis (hybrid vigour) effect when crossbreeding, gives a plus for most genetic traits, and some bulls will throw bigger calves due to this when used for crossbreeding compared to within breed.

Also the Montbeliarde breed is the same as the two other “Alps” breeds, the Brown Swiss and Flechvieh, in that, on average they have a 7 day longer gestation length than other breeds. Data is currently not available on the gestation length of individual bulls, but it is now being investigated by Coopex Montbeliarde in France.

For these reasons, it is important that you should select Montbeliarde bulls witha calving ease rating above 88.


Q. Can I use Montbeliardes over my maiden heifers?

Yes, but seek good advice. Solstice, Rusty and Sexed semen are the best to use at present.                                                 


Q. What is Muscle Body Condition Score?

The Montbeliarde breed has been selected for Muscle Body Condition for over 20 years. It is important to recognise that this is a score for muscularity, not a body fat condition score.

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Q. What does the Body Composite scores mean?

The Body composite scores are a physical measurement, the higher the score or the further to the right the lines go on the linear graphs, the bigger the bulls daughters are compared to the breed average. 130 means the sires daughters are 30% bigger than the breed average. 

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Q. Udders & Teat Placement, what should I look for?

The best advice is to select for above average Udders and with front Teat Placement above 100 and with internal orientation.


Q. Are there differences in how the French present their Linear data to how we present them in Australia?

Yes, when reading a French proof, Leg set, Teat Length and Rump angle are show the opposite to how we show them. E.g. Longer Teat length goes to the left on the French proofs, here Longer teats go to the right.


Q. How do I find out the Holstein or Brown Swiss content in a Red Breed sire?

The list of Holstein and Brown Swiss content within Red Genetics Sires is available here.