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Coopex Montbeliarde Sires

Please Note; That when reading these Montbeliarde bull proofs, the French express both Rear Leg Set and Teat Length the opposite to us. Both Straighter Legs and Larger Teats are on the left hand side of the chart. 


JEREMIAH  ISU 144     RRP $28    Volume $24

"Grazing" "Health" "Efficiency" "Calving Ease" "Udders" "Feet & Legs"

Currently the most used sire in France.
Production, Temperament, Udders and Calving Ease 93

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FRANCIUM  ISU 123  A2A2     RRP $20    Volume $16

"Grazing" "Health" "Fertility" "Efficiency"

High permorming sire in grazing/pasture based system around the world

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HELUX  ISU 137 A2A2    RRP $28    Volume $24

"Grazing" "Health"  "Fertility" "Efficiency" "Calving Ease"

799 Daughters in this fantastic sires proof,

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 CRASAT  ISU 141   A2A2   RRP $25   Volume $20

One of the breeds best ever sires.

Huge production combined with High Type, Udders, Feet & Legs, Plus Temperament Milking Speed and Easy Calving.

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Crasat CRASAT Daughters

 No.1 Proven Monty #

ELASTAR ISU 153  A2A2   RRP $28  Volume $24

"Efficiency" "Grazing" "Production" "Fertility" "Calving Ease" "Feet & Legs"

The ideal Monty for over large Holstein cows.
3030 Daughters for high reliability, High Fertility +1.7, Huge production with positive deviations.
One of the breeds best for Calf Vitality, plus great Temp., Milking Speed and Calving Ease.

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ELASTAR Daughters

HUMMER  ISU 127      RRP $24  Volume $20

"Calving Ease" "Survival" "Feet & Legs" Fertility"

Very popular sire now at a great price, was RRP $28

Highest rated sire for Calving Ease 94  Production, Type and Components

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HUMMER - dam Dam of HUMMER


ITALIC ISU 152  A2A2   RRP $26  Volume $22

Brilliant high demand sire

"Grazing" "Health" "Fertility" "Survival" "Udders" "Type"

Highest rated Udder sire 124, High  Survival +1.4, Udder Health +1.6 Fertiliy +1.1, 

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ILANNE  ISU 142  A2A2   RRP $26  Volume $22

Exceptional high demand sire

"Grazing" "Health" "Fertility" "Calving Ease" "Temperament" "Udders" "Survival"

Temperament @ 137 and Very Easy calving @92  High efficient production, Udders 115, F & L's 120 and Type 112

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LOGIN ISU 135  A2A2   RRP $24   Volume $20

 "Fertility" "Production" "Temperament" "Calving Ease" "Adds Teat Lenght"

Great young sire, Temperament 119, Calving Ease 91 (Easy) Fertility +0.6, very good production, great sire to use from the mid price range

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LOTMAN ISU 131  A2A2   RRP $22  Volume $18

 "Grazing" "Health" "Survival" "Efficiency" "Production"

 Fantastic young sire, Temperament 128, Udders 114, will leave medium sized daughters with high production and great efficiency

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Highest selling Monty last spring#

CORTIL  ISU 136   RRP $22  Volume $18

 Outcross, High profit Health specialist

Now with 1862 Daughters in his proof. Temperament 128
High Production sire with very good Type, Udders, and one of the best for Fore Udders 123 and Centre Ligament 120

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Cortil Daughter   Cortil Daughter  CORTIL Daughters


A2A2 and BB kappa casein#

HAFIZ ISU 121  A2A2   RRP $20  Volume $16

"Grazing" "Efficiency" "Health" "Calving Ease" "Temperament"

Production + Components, SCS +1.4, Fertility +0.3 . Calving Ease 92 Smaller Statured 73, with very good capacity.

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