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AUZRED XB's Aussie Red Sires are breed from Australia's highest genetic merit bull-dams and are "Bred to excel under Australian pasture based dairying conditions"



REDGEORGE BPI 299   RRP $16  Volume $12




REDCAPRI  BPI 211  A2A2  RRP $16  Volume $12




REDFLOKI  BPI 266   RRP $16  Volume $12




AXBBlackwood- Blackwood Park Blackwood (ARBBonjovi x FynAks)

BPI 275  HWI 238  TWI 261


Blackwood was bred by Jan Raleigh at Timboon, from one of the best cow family's in her high genetic merit Aussie Red herd.

  • #1 HWI Aussie Red sire
  • #2 Proven BPI Aussie Red sire
  • Udders 108, Type 105
  • Medium sized daughters with lots of Capacity
  • Awesome sire for over HF cows!



AXBSHAWSHANK- Waikato Farm Shawschank (ARBLippman x Irishman x BJurist)


Sire: ARBLippman   Dam: Waikato Farm Primula 3628 Ex92

Shawshank was bred from an Ex92 cow that has great depth of pedigree, and has exceeded 1000 kg MS in a season. The type of cow that every dairyfarm wishes they had a herd of!

  • His dam is the Australian No.1 ranked Ayrshire sired cow
  • BPI 205, ASI 173, +9kg Protein @ +0.34% & +43 kg B/Fat @ +0.82%
  • She has production to 12297 lts, 467 kg Protein @ 3.8% & 541 kg B/Fat @ 4.4%
  • An amazing 1008 kg of Milk Solids in a season!
  • Her Grand Dam produced over 100,000 lifetime litres
  • Amazing high genetic merit cow family

Type, Udders, Temperament, Components, Milking Speed, Health, Fertility and Production

Dam of Shawschank 

AXBRED MILE- Waikato Farm Red Mile (ARBLex x Peterslund x ARBPatrick)


Sire: ARBLex    Dam: Waikato Farm Clarebelle 3662 Ex90

Red Mile is bred from an Ex90 cow and offers a new materal line in the Clarebelle family

  • Red Mile's Dam was the No.1 ranked Aussie Red cow in the ADHIS April 2014 proof release
  • Her April 2015 ABV is massive!
  • BPI 267, ASI 191, +21 kg Pro @ +0.31% and +36 kg B/Fat @ +0.42%
  • Components & Production
  • Production to 10268 lts, 378 kg Protein @ 3.7% in 305 days
  • 2014/15 lactation to date
  • In 201 days, 7181 lts, 256 kg Pro @ 3.9% and 285 kg B/Fat @ 4.8%, ICCC 74

Components, Production, Type and Longevity are features of the Elite young sire

Dam of Red Mile

AXBMTSCHANK- Waikato Farm Mt Schank (VR Cigar x ARBLippman)


Sire: VR Cigar      Dam: Waikato Farm Verbena 3585 VG 87

Mt Schank is bred from the No.4 ranked Aussie Red cow from the ADHIS August 2014 proof release

  • His Dam's massive April 2015 ABV of;
  • BPI 267, ASI 255, +43 kg Pro @ +0.44%
  • Her ABV is amazing given that the average Aussie Red Cow's ABV is just;
  • BPI 30.8, ASI 21.3, +3 kg Pro and +3.3 kg B/fat
  • Waikato Farm Verbena 3585 produced 306 kg Protein @ 3.8% in her 1st lactation
  • She the produced 10663 lts, 388 kgs of Protein in her 2nd lactation

Production, Components, Type, Udders and Larger Teats are strenghts of this family.


Dam of Mt Schank

AXBAOTEAROA- Waikato Farm Aotearoa (Eik x Syd Frem x Orraryd)


 Sire: Eik               Dam: Waikato Farm Joy 3057 VG 86

Aotearoa offers a completely new maternal line bred by Mike Green at Waikato Farm, there is no Bosgowan blood in this pedigree. This new maternal line is a credit to Mike's breeding skills, as there are four genetations of this family still milking in his herd! The family has a history of huge production, very high components and fantastic Type, Udders and Longevity

  • His dam's massive April 2015 ABV; ASI 203, +31 kg Pro @ +0.31% and +31 kg B/Fat
  • Her 2014/15 Lactation to date is impressive, note the fantastic components
  • In 191 days, 6763 lts, 235 kg Pro @ 3.9% & 248 kg B/Fat @ 4.6%
  • His half-sister is the current No.2 ranked Aussie Red cow with her April 2015 ABV being;
  • BPI 318, ASI 292, +42 kg Pro @ +0.35% & +49 kg B/Fat @ +0.18%

Longevity, Fertility, Production, Components, Type and Temperament in this family are exceptional.

Dam of Aotearoa, yes she is still black & white after generations of Red genetics! Perfect sire for the commercial dairy farmer looking for profitable long lasting cows. 

AXBCJ - Meriben Park CJ ( A Linne x ARBMahatma)

  • Now with 21 daughters milking, average PI 105
  • Great Udders
  • Placid and medium sized efficient cows that are a pleasure to milk


His Dam; Meriben Park Caroline 2068 VG88

Was the highest genetic merit cow selected as an Aussie Red bull dam at ASI 148, the previous highest cow at ASI 130 is the dam ARBLippman

Highest protein ABV cow used to date at +24 kgs with a +0.10% deviation

Highest feed efficiency cow used to date, producing 1.32kgs/ms per kg bw last season in a 400 cow herd, pasture based system, feeding 1.2 tonne supplements.

• 8706 lts, 315 kg pro & 359 kg B/fat

Average PI 128 over 4 lactations

• Last herd test on 8/04/2013 at 236 days, 28.7 lts @ 4.20% B/fat & 4.05% Protein, ICCC 103

• Caroline 2068 is a cow that you never see go thru the shed

• The maternal line all displayed excellent workability’s, temperament & milking speed.

• She, like her maternal line are capacious cows, at breed average in statue

AXBMAXIMUS - Waikato Farm Maximus  (GEdbo x Hedaker x FynAks)

 Dam, Bosgowan Princess 496  Ex90

Auzred Xb is very impressed with both the Dam and GDam of this young sire. Maximus offers a different sire line and comes from the very high genetic merit Bosgowan Princess dam line.

·         His dam producing to 11643 lts, 416 kg BF and 360 kg Protein in 305 days

·          Extremely efficient family with super udders.

·          Efficiency of 1.25 kgs MS/kg LW

·         Sire line offers production, longevity, fertility and calving ease

Another elite young bull to use with confidence