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Crossbreeding with Quantum Leap - Theory

Quantum Leap 3-way commercial crossbreeding is designed to help bring you rapid genetic progress within your herd for fertility, health, cell count and longevity. All key areas that have a large impact on the profitability of your dairy business.

Genetic gain in traits that have a low heritability such as fertility, cell count and longevity can be made within breed, but these gains are painfully slow in being realised within your herd. It can take more than a lifetime of breeding, within breed, to get the same genetic gain for a trait such as fertility, which is possible to achieve in only one generation through the effect of heterosis (hybrid vigour) when you crossbreed.

By using Quantum Leap 3-way commercial crossbreeding, you can expect gains through the effects of heterosis for;

 Around 5% for production.
 At least a 10% gain in fertility
 Around 10% gain in longevity