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Crossbreeding with Quantum Leap - Advice & Tips

Crossbreeding Tips when using Montbeliarde Bulls

By Steve Snowdon, Breeding Advisor/Crossbreeding Specialist

With the rapid increase in the use of the Montbeliarde breed for crossbreeding both worldwide and within Australia, it is important to keep pace with the pros and cons when using the breed. It is particularly important for the commercial dairy farmer to build their knowledge of the Montbeliarde breed and what to look for when selecting bulls.

We are still in the unfortunate situation that very few resellers/ breeding advisors have adequate knowledge on the Montbeliarde breed, in order to give the correct advice when selecting bulls for their clients to use.

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Tips to getting the best from your Crossbreeding or Blending Programs

By Steve Snowdon, Breeding Advisor/Crossbreeding Specialist

With the rapidly growing interest in crossbreeding I am often asked about topics such as breeding for more consistency, crossbred or blended bulls and genetic gain.

Crossbreeding and Blending, what are the differences.

Crossbreeding’s goal is to maximise heterosis (hybrid vigour) by crossing genetically different breeds.

Blending is where the breeding goal is to infuse desirable genes into a breed or herd through the use of composite bulls ( crossbred bulls) or bulls from either genetically different or similar breeds, where the assumption is made that we will not get a heterosis effect ( hybrid vigour) from a mating.

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List of Holstein and Brown Swiss content of Red Genetics Sires.

By Steve Snowdon, Breeding Advisor/Crossbreeding Specialist

To maximise your crossbreeding program you need to ensure that you are using Red Genetics sires that are “Red Genetics” and contain 12.5% or less of another breed.

The Genetic makeup of all available Red sires with sufficient genetic merit, are listed below for you assistance when selecting a Red sire suitable for your crossbreeding program.

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