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Press Gallery

Hoof Health

Hoof health.doc- An Article from Sweden by Bertol Kohn, Oct 2008

 Extra Profit from Crossbreeding

Montbeliarde- 25% more profit per kg milk in California

Montbeliarde- 25% more profit per kg milk in California

The Montbeliarde - The Breed For Cheesmakers.

Montbeliarde The Cheese Maker Breed.doc

California Trials

The Californian trial update July 2007 by Dr. Les Hansen

Californian Survival Press Release.doc- October 2008

Crossbreeding- An Australian experience

An overview of 10 years of experiencing in crossbreeding paper delivered by  by Steve Snowdon at the ADF conference Feb 2008, Tasmania

Crossbreeding article published by Farmers Guardian (Great Britain)March 14th,2008

Farmers Guardian p1.pdf

Farmers Guardian p2.pdf

Farmers Guradian p3.pdf

Farmers Guradian p4.pdf

Crossbreeding- An Italian experience, 5th February 2008 

Italy results.pdf

Crossbreeding - Some results from Jack Konijn's farm in Holland, January 2008


Crossbreeding - Some results from Mark Shadwick farm in UK, October 2008

Mark Shadwick.ppt